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Saving You Money Using Green Alternatives

State of Illinois Prepares to Move in Phase 5 on June 11, 2021:

Evictions will not fully resume until 2022

Should association require proof of vaccination or vaccination card to allow individuals not to wear mask or socially distance?  This is not our recommendation.  Association should follow state's guidelines.

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Welcome to LL&M Management

LL&M takes pride in the services we provide. Our goal is to add value to each asset we manage, while focusing on the bottom line. We save you money by using natural resources and environmental friendly alternatives.

Our Company is committed towards bringing a healthier living environment to the communities we serve.

Why Choose Us?

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LL & M Management was founded in 2002 with its own investment property.  In 2008, LL&M began to manage for new clients. The driving force to expand the company was based on a simple concept: actively listening to each client's goals then utilizing industry ​experience and education to obtain those goals.  

Our management style focuses on sustainability, which means creating places that are environmentally healthful, responsible, just, equitable and profitable for each asset that we manage. We have seen first hand how small changes can create huge savings on the bottom line.  

LL&M Management strives to build a company that embodies integrity, professionalism, quality service and results.

At LL&M it's our goal to maintain strong, long term relationships with existing clients and create them with new ones.